Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pottery: Greenwoman

This piece is one my sister, Kathy, requested. On the shed near their pool, Kathy has a small collection of masks. One of them is a greenman.

Kathy wanted me to make a woman for him. I started out using a mold at Space Studios for the face, and then added clay to form the facial features. I free-formed the leaves for her "hair." This piece took so very long... and it was difficult because the leaves kept falling off. During the bisque firing, a couple of them broke, while several actually came off. I glazed the pieces and assembled them on a kiln shelf so they would hopefully remain intact and the glaze would fuse it all together. One of the broken leaves shifted, but I guess if that was the worse that could happen on this piece, I was relieved. Though still disappointed somewhat. Kathy said she wanted the color to match the greenman or a green, and I went with a glaze called old copper. I think it's a lovely green, and it fit the greenwoman well.

Kathy liked her very much, and I'm so glad.

Kathy said now the greenman's little smirk makes sense.

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