Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pottery - 2 pots

This first pot I made using a combination of white and red clay, with oxblood red glaze on it. I thought the contrast of the oxblood on the white vs. the red clay would be more pronounced. I was pretty much just using up some ends bits of clay, and experimenting with it. I like the pot, though the lid sits on it very precariously. Also, the lid is quite thin, so I guess I won't be surprised if at some time in the future, the lid bites the dust.

This bowl is called a "wad bowl" because you make it by rolling small wads of clay and putting them into a plaster bowl form, then smoothing the inside, while the outside remains wad-like. Sammy and I each made one during a pottery session together.

I finished mine by painting dark green underglaze on the outside, wiping it off and finishing with clear, as I used red clay. For the inside of the pot and the inside of the lid, I put on 4 coats of a glossy glaze that looks like the light orange color of a melon. The red clay still showed through, so it doesn't "pop" the way I expected, but it's a nice, earthy color.

This lid doesn't fit on it precisely, either, but it's a heavy lid, so I think it'll last.

Sammy's wad bowl lid didn't make it through the glaze firing intact... the handle fell off. But it didn't break or explode. So we have reglazed at the connections and are waiting for it to get re-fired. Fingers crossed. (We say that a lot at pottery.)

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