Friday, December 02, 2005

Update on the iPod

I was able to order what Joycie wanted from the Apple web site, and it was finally delivered by UPS on Wednesday evening. Good ol' UPS. They required a signature, and since no one was home, left us a note on Tuesday. So I called, and after a phone call lasting almost a half-hour, was able to request an alternate delivery address (my folks') for the next day, Wednesday.

Got home Wednesday and there was another note from the UPS driver. He tried to deliver to our home again, and he'd make one more try. So... another even longer phone call to UPS and some bitching, and they got ahold of the driver and had him make another trip to our house that evening for the delivery. Don't think he was too happy, but I suppose he won't be until the holidays (and long hours of deliveries) are over. Yeah, yeah, he should have my job.

Anyway, Joycie was totally thrilled and had already downloaded iTunes and had a bunch of music ready to put on her new iPod nano. It's such a cute little thing. It's really, really little. Of course, Sam wants one now, but no way. He'd lose that little thing within a week. I told him not even with your own money, and that 17-year-olds are totally allowed different gift items than 11-year-olds. Get used to it.

I also told Joycie to take good care of the iPod ear phones. Replacements cost forty bucks. Her forty bucks, not mine.

All she wants for Christmas from aunts and uncles are iTune music cards. That's easy.

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