Friday, December 02, 2005

Overheard in the women's bathroom

I heard 2 women talking in the bathroom this morning. One woman was telling the other how she's going to be a gramma again. Her daughter-in-law has a young daughter (under 2 years old, I think), and she's pregnant again. She explained that her daughter-in-law has been feeling really sick lately, but how since her son has no job now, and no medical insurance, they couldn't afford to go to the doctor. So, finally, after a couple of weeks, her daughter-in-law's mother told her to just go to urgent care and she would pay for it. Turns out she's pregnant. Yay! The other woman asked if that was what she wanted, to be pregnant, and the gramma said yes, she's very excited.

Uh... yay??? Let's see, you already have a toddler, neither parent has any viable means of income, and you decide to try and get pregnant again, or at least you decide not to prohibit a pregnancy. Hmmm. Reminds me of a movie title... let's see, what was it... oh, yes. White Trash.

Oh, yes, I did too just say that. And, I could tell the other woman in the bathroom was thinking "what the hell" just like me.

I never saw that movie, White Trash... the title was enough to put me off... I see plenty of trashy folk in my rural community, which is a predominantly white community... and the trashy folk are all white folks. With kids that go to my son's elementary school. And it's not at all entertaining.

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