Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Christmas was wonderful. Joycie and Sam are old enough to be a big help and to understand that coffee comes before unwrapping presents. Dinner at my sister & brother-in-law's was perfect, and we had a lot of fun. My oldest sister and her family were out of town, so we missed them, but we had Christmas with them the week before, so it wasn't so bad.

We all had dinner together (and beverages... Bob had picked up a very nice pinot grigio!), the kids opened gifts, adults had our Chinese auction, then we all played board games and later watched a movie together. The Chinese auction was great... too funny. Everything was at an easy pace, and the day was fun.

Wonderful, happy, enjoyable & relaxing Christmas. Ahhh...

Tonight we're celebrating Christmas with my in-laws, Kev's dad & step-mother & family. It'll be short and sweet. Which is nice.

So now I'm back at work, and while most of the other departments in our building are skeleton crew, our department is almost full staff. This is a really busy week for us, trying to get everything done and all the W-2s perfect. For me, it's hurry up and wait today... trying to balance files and having to wait for jobs to finish running. (Thus the blog post.) Yesterday at work was a zoo. Ugh.

Joycie & Sam have decided to brave the shopping today, anxious to spend some of that birthday & Christmas money they have. I'm meeting them for lunch and going to do a little shopping of my own. My sister, Kathy's birthday is Friday, and for once, I know just what I want to get for her.

There was only one hitch at Christmas... we were supposed to get a lot of nice snow on Christmas eve, but we woke up to a foggy, misty/rainy morning and no new snow. We still have some old snow, but it is sure looking gray & crappy. It's still warmer and rainy today. C'mon sky, gimme snow!

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