Wednesday, December 28, 2005

iLove iPod

Joycie has been loading up her iPod, and I know she already has more than 500 songs on it. That girl has such a wide variety of songs that she likes. Every once in a while she'll say, "Mom, you have to listen to this one." So right now I have her iPod in my ears, and I gotta say... I'm lovin' it. The song she wanted me to hear is beautiful, and I've listened to it over and over...

It truly is amazing to me that this tiny little unit can make such a big, beautiful sound in my head. A far cry from the days of my youth when I would record songs from the radio onto my far-out cassette player. I still have all those cassettes. I kept them in a navy blue cardboard box that my Dad brought home from work one day. They're still in that box. Somewhere around here.

And also today I learned that a chanticleer is a rooster. Joycie knew that. My girl is beautiful AND smart!

Joycie has been letting Sammy listen to songs on her iPod nano, too. He LOVES it, way more than I do. He saved his birthday money and most of his Christmas money to buy one... he was $70 short, but I floated him a loan and against my better judgment, we ordered one for him today. I sure hope he can take good care of this tiny expensive object. I have warned him that the first time I find it on the floor, it becomes my property. And I'd love to have one. Not enough to fork out the $250 at this juncture, however. Still waiting for all the bills to come in after Christmas and we've got property taxes looming on the not too distant horizon. Maybe with my March bonus from work... Or maybe off the floor here real soon...

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