Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

We got about 3 inches of snow last night. Beautiful sparkly diamond filled snow. It was a gorgeous morning. Coming onto dawn this morning, taking Sammy over to my folks, I turned onto their long, straight driveway, which is bordered on both sides by fields. It was all a beautiful virgin blanket of snow. I got to make new tracks! A long straight shot up the drive, forging my own path. I love doing that.

I hope we get more of this kind of wonderful blankety snow and that it stays for Christmas.

Kev is at work (until midnight), and Joycie & Sammy left to go pick up Derrick, go have pizza and then go to the basketball game at the high school. I have the house to myself. Ahhh.....

- Why am I trying to teach my dog to lay on the sofa? I like to have him lay up on it with me, which Kevin hates, and it annoys Joycie (because she has to vacuum, as that's her chore). Reilly has been limping around lately like he's an old dog. I think he's hurt himself running too long with Barney outside. I guess I want him to be comfortable. We've been leaving him out to roam the house free while we're gone, trusting he won't begin chewing on books again. I just finished watching last night's 'Without a Trace' episode, and I had Reilly up on the sofa with me. When I got up, he went to jump down, but I had him stay on it. He just looked so comfortable, and now he's sound asleep, stretched out. Kev would be so pissed.

- Why am I goofing off on the computer when I have about a zillion things on my 'Christmas To Do' list? More than just Christmas. I have yet to buy a birthday gift for my best friend's son, whose birthday was October 1st. I want to be able to mail the package to Texas next week.

- We finally got our Christmas tree this week. We had planned to get it last weekend, but Kev got called into work, day 12's both Saturday and Sunday. (Pay check was pretty nice today.) And since he's on afternoons, this week, the kids and I had to go Wednesday evening & get the tree without Kevin. That's the first time ever. Not so fun. I wanted to get about an 8-foot tree, but ended up with a large 9-footer. Big, full tree. It's beautiful. We always get a Fraser Fir because they hold their needles very well. $63 for the tree this year. We used to get 12-footers, but decorating a 12-foot tree takes twice as many lights and garland as a 9-footer. And it takes up a lot of room, since the circumference at the bottom is so large. And twice as much time. Actually more like 3-fold. Anyway, Joyce and I got the tree in the house and standing up, though it leaned. Kev de-leaned it, & put the lights and garland on it yesterday. Now we're trying to figure out when to put the ornaments on it. Kev is suggesting tomorrow morning before Sam's game, but they have to leave the house at about 8:30 am for Sam's game, so.... uh, no. Getting up, and getting the kids up, early at 7 am on a Saturday morning to cheerfully put ornaments on the Christmas tree??? Nope. We still have about half of the decorations to put up around the house, too, and here it is only about 2 weeks from Christmas. I'm going to blink and have to de-decorate already.

- Will I even get around to Christmas cards this year? I mean, hell, I never got to them last year. Well, that's not exactly true. I got them made, but never got them mailed. I make my own cards, and have done now for years. I enjoy it. So why don't I get it done... Hmmm.... Some of my friends send the most awesome photos and poems and 'family letters'. Truly creative and entertaining. I've done that a couple of times. But that shit's hard to keep up. Some years, I just don't feel that creative. And then it's like, gee, last year we got this great letter and this year just a card, what's her problem. I imagine everyone thinking that. I have a friend who takes a photo of her 2 daughters and always sends those photo cards out with the preprinted greetings and valediction & their names. The envelope is addressed with a label. The return address is also a label. And the photo card always arrives early in December. And her 2 daughters are beautiful. They live far away, South Carolina now, and so I just love getting their Christmas card. And how easy is that. My friend has always been known, not only for her beauty (which she's passed along to her daughters), but also for her brains; she's a smart one. I should take a page out of her book. I wonder if I can let myself do that. Last year I didn't send cards because I just plain ran out of time. All that handwriting everyone's names at the tops of the card (inside), with a little message and signing our four names, hand addressing the envelopes... it's a lot of time. If I made cards with preprinted everything and could just stick them in an envelope, I could probably enjoy getting the cards done. Hey, I think I have a plan.

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