Saturday, December 03, 2005

Guys won't like this post...

but the wimmenfolk will.

My sister, Kathy, and her husband, Bob, celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary the other day. On their anniversary, they both always take the day off and spend it together. They start with breakfast out, then do some shopping. They get some Christmas shopping done, and they shop for their annual Santa.

When they married, 20 years ago, one of their good friends gave them for a wedding present a beautiful Santa figurine. Since then, buying themselves a Santa each anniversary has become tradition. They have all kinds of Santas, and each year, they look for that one special Santa for the year. I think it's a neat tradition.

When they bought their Santa this year, the young woman at the checkout asked them if it was for something special. And so, she was treated to the story of their annual Santa purchase. She said, "Awwww, how romantical!" So everything from that moment for their day would elicit a "how romantical!" Too funny.

This year, my sister thought that her hubby was making plans for dinner & show at a comedy club. Instead, Bob reserved a private dining room at the fancy restaurant where their wedding reception dinner was held. They had 2 wait staff all to themselves and were treated like royalty. The room was lit with only candles, several of them all over the room.

Since they are now paying for a daughter in college, they had both earlier agreed that the day and the Santa would be their anniversary present to each other. However, in that very romantic setting over dinner, my brother-in-law gave my sister a gorgeous diamond ring. While my sister was overcome with emotion and tears starting in her eyes, Bob said, "Awww, how romantical!"

Later, after the waitresses had ooooed and ahhhhed over the ring, my sister said to her hubby, "Julie can keep her freakin' pie birds." hee hee

Recently, Bob's mom had back surgery and while on his way back home from the hospital, Bob stopped at a few places. Antique shops and the like. He does that on occasion; he's a philatelist. Bob knows that I have a collection of pie birds, and he found 2 & bought them for me. One is solid black and the other is a spongeware green and ivory, both very old. I don't have another like either one of them, and I just love them. It was a super nice surprise. Since Bob didn't find anything for Kathy, she didn't get any little giftie that day. I told her it was because Bob loves me more than he loves her. So now you know why I can keep my freakin' pie birds.

I think Kathy is pretty happy with her ring, and with her very romantical hubby!

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