Saturday, December 03, 2005

Our idea of a romantic evening

A few nights ago, Kev had a successful hunt and shot another big doe. We had a feast last night with venison tenderloin. After dinner, while I cleaned up the kitchen, Kevin went out and built fires in the woodstoves, the outside one & the one in the pole barn (the only source of heat for our pole barn).

Then I met him out in the pole barn, and we butchered the doe. The plan was to finish a few more beers during the process, but butchering kinda puts me off drinking. I don't really like the butchering process, so I've managed to get out of it the past few years. The last several deer, Kev has butchered all by himself. It's an ugly job, so having company makes it nicer. And 2 makes it go twice as fast.

I finished grinding the burger while Kev went to take care of the woodstove and get some other stuff done outside that he had to do, like taking care of ashes. I got the meat all wrapped and labeled & in the freezer and was just finishing up the dishes when he got into the house. He was very pleased.

It was a lot of work, and now that I think of it, I'm really quite ashamed of myself for letting him do it all by himself for so long. He never complained, either. I think he thought that it was his choice to hunt, and that butchering is gross, so he shouldn't expect me to help him with his chore. He even did all the dishes by himself. But we all love the venison. I can't imagine not having venison in the freezer every winter.

Then we relaxed in front of the TV, watched a basketball game. I think Kev thanked me 5 times for helping with the butchering. Made me feel even more guilty. So then I started thanking him every little while. It became a thanking fest! What fun!

So this morning, Kev got called into work, and he's already scheduled to work tomorrow to cover for the same person who didn't show up today. He only gets 2 weekends off a month, so now he's down to 1, and this kinda sucks. (Though the overtime pay will be nice this time of year.) I had to get around and take Sammy to his basketball game. When we got home, I noticed a neck roast in the bottom of the fridge. Kev had put it in there the other night. I'm not really sure why. I got the grinder out and now I've got a pot of spicy goulash sauce and a pot of chili going on the stove. We will feast again on venison dishes when my hard workin' hubby gets home from work tonight.

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