Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Might as well walk

My stitches are driving me crazy! I had an appointment Monday morning with Dr. Adams, but he was called into an emergency brain surgery... so when I arrived at his Midland office, the 2 young women working there rescheduled my appointment to later this week. They were very apologetic about not calling me, and though a phone call could have saved us a half-hour drive into town, I was rather happy they neglected to call. Because I got out of the house! Since I am home-bound again, this time through six weeks of antibiotic treatments, getting out of the house is a rare treat. One week down, five to go. Hopefully stitches will come out this week. For those still interested, here is what the incision is looking like now.

I haven't been into the office where I work or driven a car in almost 7 weeks. Seems like longer. Much longer. And in those 7 weeks, I've been away from home 6 times; 4 of those times were going back into the hospital and going home from the hospital stays.

Kev took the dogs to the vet recently to get them updated on their rabies vaccinations, and the vet confirmed it... Barney is totally blind. Poor old Barn. Kev and I took a walk outside the other day, and of course, took all 3 dogs with us. Barney stays right by Kev's side. So Kev is like his seeing-eye human.

Kevin had a birthday on March 1st, and now the old fart is 47 years old! We're now the same age. Happy Birthday, Honey.

My mother-in-law, Sharron, called me the other day and asked what we were doing on Saturday, and told me that she'd like to bring us out dinner. Heck, yeah! (She's a great cook!). Didn't even dawn on me that it was Kev's birthday. So it was super nice when Kev's Dad and Sharron arrived with corned beef and cabbage stew (cabbage cooked separately), a loaf of home-made bread and a gorgeous made-from-scratch German Chocolate Cake. The dinner was excellent and the cake was sublime. And the company was wonderful. A nice, relaxed but festive birthday for Kev.

Sammy has been home from school the past 2 days, sick with an awful cold. Lots and lots of coughing. The hacking and coughing of major proportions kind of cold. Kevin and I have both been trying to comfort him... from a good distance. Neither one of us wants that nasty bug. Poor Sam.

Joycie is on her spring break this week. She spent yesterday going down to Ann Arbor with Mike and his mom, Izzy. Mike had a check-up appointment for the surgery he had recently. Joycie said it went well. He's one tough young man. He is still having some problems eating, and he has to be careful (swallowing is different now for him), but that will improve with time.

Joycie started her spring break by going shopping for a prom dress. Mike's senior prom is coming up soon. Joyce found a beautiful kelly green prom dress. It's very, very green, but it doesn't overtake her or eclipse her... she looks stunning in it.

If you've noticed, I'm doing this post in the wee hours of the morning (it's almost 4:00am). It's like I have no set bedtime any more... I sleep when I sleep, whatever time that occurs. Mostly because the antibiotics I'm taking make me sleepy. In the mornings, I start my dose of vanco about 7:30am, and when that's done, I do the Invanse, which is the once per day antibiotic. These 2 usually take until around 10:00am... and then I have to sleep for at least a little while, because I can barely keep my eyelids open after the Invanse. And then that's how my day goes, I'm up and around until I have to lay my head down. I woke up at 1:00am to take a couple of pain pills, and then I woke up at 2:00am for no reason... wide awake. So I brushed Reilly for a while, cleaned up the hair mess for a while and here I am finally doing a blog post. This "no-set-schedule" schedule is likely not a good thing... so I have five weeks to get my inner clock straightened out. Although, I think that I will sleep much better once these stabbing stitches are removed.

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