Saturday, March 15, 2008


Ah, for the good ol' days.

So... this past Thursday evening, during the middle of a movie, "The Brave One" with Jodie Foster, great movie, btw... our DVD player decided to poop out on us. If you've seen that movie, then you know some parts of it are quite suspenseful, and it was at one of those tense moments that the DVD player quit. It would turn itself off almost immediately after being turned on. And so then, of course, we couldn't get it to spit out the DVD. I got my trusty tools out and took the machine apart, finally freeing the DVD from it's crappy electronics prison. Sammy and I were able to finish the movie on the downstairs TV & DVD player.

Yesterday morning, Kev and Joycie took Sammy into the oral surgeon's office where Sammy got all 4 of his wisdom teeth removed. We had stocked up on rented DVD's and a Wii game in anticipation of keeping Sammy quiet this weekend so he would heal well. Bummer that the upstairs DVD player broke.

So this morning, Sammy was doing real well (pain pills work for him, too), and I had about $60 in Best Buy money (love that Best Buy Rewards Zone Master Card)... so Kev and Sammy went into town to buy a new DVD player.

They came home with a new 42" HP LCD MediaSmart Plasma HDTV, a DVD player for it and then a cheaper DVD player so Sammy can use that on the TV we're moving from the basement up to his bedroom.

Oh! The Changes. Direct quote from Kevin just now, "See, that's what I hate about this f***ing shit. It's so complicated, and I don't know what the hell I'm doing."

Amen, brother.

Thankfully, Joycie & Mike were here, so Mike helped with the moving around. We moved the big Toshiba TV from upstairs to downstairs, and then the smaller Panasonic TV up to the 2nd floor to Sammy's bedroom, while the new Hewlett-Packard got set up in our living room. But then there are all the hook-ups for the DVD players, the satellite boxes and the VCR's. Oy! Makes my head hurt. I'm usually the person who has to do that kind of hooking up stuff around here... but this evening, I struck a napping pose in the recliner, and I stayed there. Mike and Joyce helped Kev a lot, and basically, they got as far as they could, coz we need new satellite receivers or something like that because of the HD bit. While those 3 frustrated themselves with that mess, Sammy kept himself busy setting everything up in his bedroom, moving the Wii stuff up there, all the games, the guitar, etc. He got it all set.

Kev's been wanting a new, huge TV for years, and he found such a great deal on this one at Best Buy, that he just went & bought it on the spot. He & I had just discussed (again) this morning buying a new plasma TV, and I told him that it really just wasn't good timing right now for us from a financial standpoint (as I open bill after bill after bill from various medical outfits, etc.). Sammy told me that Kev thought I was gonna be way pissed off, but... really I wasn't at all. He did get a helluva deal on it... and anyway, I adore that man so much that he can get away with just about anything... Also, he just got his annual bonus at work; the man deserves to buy his TV.

(I also got my annual bonus, but I promptly paid off my Home Depot credit card... from when we bought our new LG washer and dryer last year by opening up that Home Depot credit card and getting zero percent interest for one year. Felt great to pay that card off knowing we didn't pay a penny in interest. Sweet.)

I am very happy that Kev got a TV he wanted, even though our house was utter chaos since the moment he and Sammy arrived home. You can't just plug the thing in and watch TV, those days are long gone... the user guide, English language part only, for that TV is 110 pages long. Holy cow. The "start here" guide is 24 pages, and the warranty and support guide is 16 pages.

Sammy is very happy to finally have a TV in his room. I've had this long-standing rule, more of a philosophy really, that my children would not have a TV in their bedroom. I feel that it isolates them, keeps them from participating in the fold of the family, the part that takes place outside of their bedrooms...

But eh, that's bunk. I'm the only one that thought that way, and so that nonsense didn't fly.

Also... Joycie will have her TV in her bedroom, so I suppose it's only fair that Sammy gets a TV in his.

Yes, I just said that about Joycie... she will have her TV in her bedroom!

She, Mike and I had a long conversation today (while the boys were shopping at Best Buy), and Joyce has decided to live at home beginning with the next college semester this fall. The lease on her apartment goes through the summer, and she wants to see what it'd take to get out of it so she can move back home sooner. With her living at home, we'll save a lot of money. Also, she's going to be working, and she'll be able to keep all her money for herself instead of helping pay for apartment life. Another decision we made is to sell her Isuzu Rodeo and buy her a cheap, non-gas-guzzling vehicle. We're spending so much money on gas for the Rodeo, and so even if we lose money selling the darn thing, it'll still be worth it in the long run.

I am so happy that she'll be living back at home. Her bedroom will be like her own apartment, and she'll have the same level of freedom. I wouldn't expect her to behave otherwise, and her dad and I will have to respect that. I know we won't have any problems with it, and I am just so looking forward to having her living back here with us... even if I don't see her that much, just knowing she'll be back here with us makes me feel good inside.

She'll also be living that much closer to Mike, so that was a Big Plus for the 2 of them. Those 2 are so adorable together. Also, we'll hopefully get to see more of Mike, too. That'd be great.

Life's funny... funny good. The way things are tonight, what's happened today and now the plans for the future... didn't see that coming at all this morning! It's a happy funny.

Not like this clown...

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