Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday morning

Sammy is participating in the middle school play this year, it's called, "Is There a Doctor in the House?" or something like that... He's having fun being involved in the after-school play practices, which are every single day. It's kind of a worry-free thing for him, since he has a very minor part; I believe he has something like 3 lines, and the last one is said while he "flirts" with some girls. Right up that boy's alley, that's for sure.

Yesterday he had to miss play practice, though, for an orthodontist appointment. This is the 2nd time he's missed practice, the first was when he & his dad went down to a Red Wings game. The rule is that you have to give the teacher a note if you are going to be absent, but Sammy forgot the first time & didn't give her a note. He said that if you have 2 absences with no note, then you're kicked out of the play. Sammy made sure to write a note yesterday. I asked him this morning if he gave the teacher a note, and he said, "Yes, I wrote in math class, then between classes, I walked down to her room to give it to her, but she was in the hallway, so I told her."

Me: But you did give her the note, right? Because the rule is to give a note.

Sam: Yes, I gave her the note. I told her & I handed her the note.

Me: So you did both - you told her & you gave her the note? (Now, I realize this may sound redundant & silly to you, but I know my boy... and sometimes you Must Make Sure Very, Very Clearly Exactly What Happened. And then repeat.)

Sam: Yup. A double-dip.

Me: Good.

Sam: A double dose of MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! [sound effects included]

Oh yeah, he's a cutie-pie and a half!


Also this morning, after I dropped Sammy off at school, I was flipping through the radio buttons and I heard the same song for 2 different commercials, 2 different stations. The song was "I Can Help" by Billy Swan, and one commercial was for a car dealership and the other was for some electronics sale, like iPods, etc. I haven't heard that song in years and years, and then I hear it twice within 5 minutes on radio commercials... strange. And the really weird thing is that in both commercials, which I totally stopped flipping through stations to listen to (coz I like the song), the song did not seem to fit the sales situation at all. But now, thankfully, that song is in my head. Replacing the song in that Adam Sandler movie, "Anger Management," where he sings, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty..." Sammy mentioned this morning that he had that in his head all day yesterday. And just great! brought it up & talked about it and then it was stuck in my head... his, too. But now I'm hearing "I got two strong arms, I can help..." Yes.

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