Friday, January 19, 2007

A flash on the future

I took today off from work because the kids don't have school today (semester end) & Kev is off today, too (he starts his day shift tomorrow, with day-12s on the weekend).

Up early this morning, still kinda dark out, and we're already on our second pot of coffee. Why is it always so much easier to get up out of bed when there's no alarm???

I'm playing around on the 'net, catching up on some blog reading, and Kev & Sammy are in the living room watching some sports news shows on the TV. Kev and I have been taking turns filling up our coffee cups. When I delivered Kev's full cup back to him just now, I took the opportunity to whisper something sweet and dirty in his ear, and I was rewarded with one of his laughs. On my way back to the computer desk, I said to him, "Just think, someday I won't have to whisper that kind of stuff to you and can just blurt it out loud." Kev laughed again. (Poor Sammy.) And then I said, "So will that be more fun or less fun?..."


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