Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow Day

We finally got some snow. Not a whole lot, and not as much as was predicted, but enough to call off school for today. Joyce and Sammy were very happy about that... me, too... so I took a vacation day. Unfortunately, Kev’s working midnights, so he was sleeping most of the day. But it’s been a nice, quiet day. We’re toasty warm in the house, since Kev stoked the fire well in the wood stove when he got home from work this morning at 8am. He also did some shoveling. He’ll have to do more, and some plowing, too... it’s still coming down.

I went outside briefly and took some photos. It’s amazing how our landscape changed overnight... I’ve been wanting snow for what seems like so long now, and it’s finally here. And it’s gorgeous.

When I went to go outside, Reilly wanted to go with me, but since I was hoping to maybe see some wildlife, I made him stay inside. When I was on the deck taking the last photo, Reilly was staring at me through the french door. I took his photo with the reflection of our snow-covered deck in the glass. He looks so sad...


Kev got up and is already out plowing snow. The 3 dogs are out with him, and they love it. Barney, our yellow lab, is Kev's constant companion when Kev's on the tractor... actually, when Kev is doing anything outside.


  1. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Great photos!! You really are awesome at it, Julie. So glad we could come and see Sammy play bball. He's awesome! Great seeing you all! Enjoy the snow--The Trog Chicks

  2. Thanks, Canice! With the weather we had, I was surprised to see you at Sammy's game. Thanks for coming, it was great to visit with you.