Saturday, January 27, 2007

Shampoo to movies...

The hair stylist I’ve been going to for years used to co-own a shop that sold a variety of “high end” hair products, among those the Matrix Biolage stuff. She’s now the sole owner of an “Aveda concept salon” so no more Matrix. I did buy some from a salon at the mall, but that was years ago, and none since. Too much money. And since I’m a long-time user of Suave shampoos and conditioners, I like their identical version, “biobasics.” Seriously, it is identical. I know this for a fact... companies like the one that produces Matrix Biolage will license out their formula to companies like Suave, and then whenever Suave makes money on biobasics, Matrix Biolage gets a cut. Companies of high-end personal care products, particularly shampoos and the like, do this because they know that the wealthy &/or snobby people that buy their name brand would never lower themselves to purchase Suave at Wal-Mart, and those of us [smart shoppers] buying Suave are not going to buy the pricey stuff, so it isn’t like they are cutting themselves out of a market. Intellectual property licensing is a good deal for all!

So this morning, I’m using my biobasic, which got me thinking about the Matrix movie trilogy. My nephew, Michael, is a big fan and owns all 3 DVD’s, which Sammy recently borrowed. I’ve seen the Matrix and Matrix Reloaded before, but never got around to actually watching Matrix Revolutions. After the debacle that was Matrix Reloaded, I lost interest. However, I just watched Matrix and Matrix Reloaded again, in preparation for finally getting to Matrix Revolutions. Again, I’m stalled. Matrix was great, I think I finally understand it better. But Matrix Reloaded?... what were they thinking?... Ugh. It’s so awful in parts that it took me something like 4 days to get through it. Some of the fight scenes are so cartoonish that I was fast-forwarding through them. Thank goodness for fast-forward, because those fight scenes were far too long and drawn-out. I remember hearing bad reviews about the 2nd one, and oh yeah, totally justified. I don’t recall the reviews about the last one at all, because by that time, Matrix had ceased to exist for me, filed away in the compartment of my brain under So Not Important. I do intend to watch the last movie, but I plan to have plenty of Bud Light on hand to help me through it. Maybe Reloaded would have been better that way... just not sure it’s worth going off my diet & drinking beer to get through it... hmmm... will have to think about that.

Speaking of bad movies, if you have not seen or yet rented the DVD, “Conversation(s) with Other Women,” do yourself a big, fat favor and DON’T. First of all, the (s) thing is too cutsey... too “I think I’m smart.” And the split-screen thing... AACCCKKKK! Awful. Awful, awful, awful. The split-screen thing is that the movie is divided into half, vertically, and the director is showing the same moment in 2 angles. I hated it. What was the point of it, anyway? It’s like the director thought, “hey, if I do this artsy-fartsy split screen thing, then the lowly, much-more-stupid-than-mighty-me viewers of my movie-that’s-too-good-for-them will hopefully realize that when 2 people are talking to each other, there is really 2 sides to the conversation.” Ummm... duh. We got through about 15 minutes or so of it last night, when husband began falling asleep. This was before 8pm. That movie is CRAP. Turned it off and were then much entertained by the recorded episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Men in Trees. One zillion times better.

We were home early and watching TV because both children were gone. Sammy to a friend’s house, then to the basketball game, then to – prepare yourself – Hooters for a birthday dinner for his friend, Brandon. Hooters. The horror.

Joyce also went to the b-ball game, then to the Winterfest dance at the high school afterwards. Where she had an amazingly wonderful time. She has a new beau, and she is very, very happy. New Beau is coming over this evening for dinner, then joining us at a family birthday party. Should be fun and interesting.

So yesterday with the kids' plans all settled, Kev & I drove into work together, and he picked me up after work at 3:45pm. We were sitting at a booth at Buffalo Wild Wings and drinking beer by 4:15pm. A very nice start to the weekend. Got some shopping done and had a good time together.

And now, I must go take the towel off my newly shampooed head and get ready for Sammy’s last No. 2 team basketball game this morning. I have to admit, I’m glad this is the last Saturday morning game... because I have things to do on Saturday mornings! More on that later...

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