Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good news & a cold morning

Kevin got that lab tech job!!! Actually, the official job title is “quality assurance analyst.” He worked his last midnight shift last night. No more midnights. Ever again, I hope. Kev was in such a good mood yesterday evening. That was very nice. Weekends off. Yes! He’ll be on the new job beginning on or before Nov. 7th. I am so, so happy he got that job.

A friend of mine, whom I work with, is out of town this week, attending a conference in sunny smoky California. I e-mailed her earlier today about how we had a pretty cold morning this morning... about 35 degrees! Beautiful, though... partly cloudy with a big ol' full moon setting in the west, made the clouds look purple against a navy blue sky. But... brrr! My friend is in the Hunting Beach area, so not real close to the fires there. Thank goodness. I visited that same area a few years ago, also to attend a conference, and now, as then, I just don’t get it... The fires, earth quakes, mud slides, incredibly high cost of housing/living, traffic, gangs and the freaks, and the crowds of people... ugh! I'd hate to live there. Though California does have the Pacific Ocean, but I gotta say... I much prefer the Atlantic. Kev & Sammy went with me on that trip, and I remember when we arrived and went down to the beach, the first thing I noticed was, well, actually the first thing I noticed was how crowded it all was, and then the 2nd thing I noticed was how the ocean smelled bad. In fact, I remember I did a blog post about it. We did walk the beach, though, and we found some really nice pieces of beach glass. (Though I’ve found nicer ones on the Atlantic shore.)

I’m not totally biased... I’d also hate to live in Florida, Arizona & Texas. Lousiana, Alabama, Georgia, too. Any of those hot states with large bugs and snakes, alligators and muggy weather. And hurricanes. I know I'm usually in the minority... all those warm states are loved by many. Guess it’s a darn good thing I live in the sticks of Michigan, eh. And for the record, I just love a cold October morning.

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