Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Two constants...

Yesterday evening, Joycie's boyfriend, David, came over for a visit. I was working on my company laptop, and Sammy, Joyce & David were kinda just standing around, and we were all talking. Joyce suggested she & David go play Mario Party downstairs. David asked if it was Mario Party 8... which apparently came out recently. Through some discussion that followed, it was determined that Joyce & Sammy have Mario Party 5, and both were unaware that a 6 and 7 had come out. Then the 3 of them discussed how 8 couldn't be all that different, but that new versions of Mario Party will continue to arrive...

David said, "There are 2 constants in the world, and they are not death and taxes. Even when the atmosphere has burned away, and there are only microorganisms left on Earth, the ones in the Middle East will be fighting to the death and the rest will be playing Mario Party."

Cracked me up.

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