Monday, June 04, 2007


Apparently I decided to take a breather from blogging... I think that Joycie's graduation was so emotionally charged and emotionally draining that my brain pooped out. Much has been happening... snippets follow, posts sometime soon...

Joyce played in her final Varsity soccer game; the girls won the first District game but lost the second. Joycie did so well, back to her old, fierce keeper self. Her coach called her a warrior!

Sammy had his last day of 6th grade, so he's now a 7th grader. For those of you who have experienced this event in a child of yours, 'nough said... for those of you with such an event looming on your horizon, heh heh heh... just wait.

Kev and Joycie cooked up a scheme to have a vegetable garden here at our place this summer instead of over at Gramma & Grampa's, with the hope that it'll be better taken care of... so Kev began preparing the plot last fall, and finished it up for us, complete with electric fence around it. We're hoping that will be somewhat sufficient to keep most of the deer and other critters out of it. Joycie and I got it planted over Memorial weekend. Sammy helped me plant the row of potatoes Saturday. It's been hot and humid; little plants coming up already. Since it rained all day yesterday, the garden should be very, very happy. I am.

Kevin and I have been working outside together quite a bit, getting the yard work and gardening done... Joycie's graduation open house is in a few weeks, so it'll be work, work, work until then. One thing that Kev and I accomplished was re-setting the pavers for what I call my "patio" out by my herb garden, and I love it. Photos to follow.

Joycie has been going to a lot of open houses for her friends... the reality of high school being over is being ever more shoved into our resistant consciousness. One of her good friends, Amanda, has left for Marines boot camp. That hit me kinda hard. Amanda will do well there, I believe, because she is such a strong and smart young woman, and this is something she truly wants to do. I'm proud of her. I'm also glad it's not Joycie's desire to join the armed forces... I ain't that strong. It makes me feel very odd inside for all those moms with sons and daughters in the military.

My friend, Debi, gave us some large goldfish out of her gorgeous pond to put in our big ol' country pond. It has been very entertaining to feed them and see the flashes of bright orange in the water. They all seem to be getting along wonderfully with the bluegill, etc., that were already in residence. I'll have to post some photos of them. I have noticed they don't seem to eat much of the food I bought for them... Kevin thinks (and hopes) they are filling up on all the algae and other stuff. Munch away little fellers and grow big and strong and eat more.

I will end this post with one of life's true realities...

Clowns get gas, too.

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