Saturday, June 30, 2007

And that wraps up June...

I cannot believe today is the last day of the month of June... where the heck did the month go? Let's see...

It went toward Joycie's high school graduation open house last Saturday, which went very well. It was a beautiful day, so we really lucked out on the weather. Everything went smoothly. I took last week "on vacation" to get stuff done for the open house and also to get stuff done that I've just been putting off... but I ended up having to do "job work" a lot, mostly from home, which was nice, but I also had to go into the office. Didn't feel like a week off, that's for sure. *sigh* Anyway, Kevin and Joycie really did a ton of stuff to get ready for the open house, and my sister, Kathy, was a Major Help, too. (Thanks, Kathy!!!) I'll have to post some photos, though I need to get some of them from my sister, Janet. I, who has my camera almost everywhere I go, totally slipped on taking photos during the open house. Ugh.

It has went toward more baseball games for Sammy. And we have a tournament this weekend in Shepherd. Sammy's on a "new" team, all 12-year-olds, a combo team from another local Little League. Their uniform shirts are the Texas Longhorn orange, and I love that color. Yep, that's totally a girlie comment, coz yes, I do care about the color of the uniform. Anyway, Kev is working midnight-12s for the next, oh, forever and day, so it's me and Sammy traveling this weekend. (Joyce is gone for the weekend, with a friend... and the house seems oddly quiet without her. Weird.)

June has also went toward quite a few pottery sessions. Sammy and I went Wednesday evening and finished glazing our critter-shaker-balls; we made 2 each. I can't wait to see them finished. We have had so much fun together doing this. Sammy has 1 more session from the 4 I purchased for him, and he wants me to buy him another 4 for the summer. I also went to a few sessions by myself, that is, without Sammy, and I got quite a bit done. I picked up my tree face that's completed (Sammy glazed it for me), and I'll have to post a photo of that. By Wednesday evening, I had 1 large pot in the kiln getting bisque fired, and 1 pot ready for glaze firing, as well as my large pedestal ready for glaze firing. I also finished the Greenwoman for my sister... it's drying and will hopefully be bisque fired within the next week or so. I can't wait to see how all those turn out. My fingers are also itching to start my next little project, which is all planned out in my head... can't wait! I know I said that already, but it's worth repeating.

I've also been totally swamped at work... this past week flew by. That's kinda nice, of course, but it's been a difficult week. Lots of fires to put out, and not the kind, thank God, they're having out West. Also, 2nd quarter close is upon me, and I'm definitely feeling the heavy crush of work pressure.

The last part of June also included a shopping trip, where we purchased a laptop for Joyce for college; it is part of her graduation gift from us. And it also included a very cool backpack carrier, an all-in-one printer-scanner-copier, plus odds and ends for it all as well. And then we spent a couple of hours at Best Buy getting the laptop looked at because it was behaving strangely... Joyce used a USB mouse that I have, on my suggestion, but it was an old mouse and her new HP laptop (with Vista) didn't like it, so we bought her a new mouse, also. Cha-ching, baby.

The end of June contained a new battery and alternator for Joyce's Rodeo, too... and some other miscellaneous work. I hear it again, don't you???... Cha-ching.

And last, but not least, my brother, Jim, turned 50, my nephew, Michael, turned 17, and my father-in-law, Gary also had a birthday... Happy Birthday, boys!!!

And now it's almost 10am, and Sammy and I have to hit the road soon to get to his first baseball game of the day.

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