Thursday, June 14, 2007

So many frogs

This is yet another post about my venture out to our old little pond the other night. I had noticed earlier last week that there are a lot more frogs at our big pond this year than there has been the last few years. Out at the small pond, there were tons of them, and these little guys just sat there and let me photograph them. They were lined up along the edge of the pond, like little well-trained greeters.

They were in various degrees of growth... I even saw a few tadpoles.

It reminded me of a poem I knew as a kid from the Childcraft set, the Poem and Rhymes book...

I loved the illustration with it:

While I was at the pond, I was looking down into it and I suddenly realized I was watching a turtle swimming upward toward the surface. The water was actually a dark brown when I looked out at it, though the photos make it look blue from the reflection of the sky... the water was murkey, but I could see the turtle quite clearly. By the time I finally remembered to take a photo, this is what I got:

The turtle came up to the surface and gulped up a bug and then went right back down. You can barely see his foot in that photo.

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