Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Silver day

Kev and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary today. When he got home from work, we went out back on the tractor so he could pick up a small bit of wood yet to get from when he and Sammy were working out there yesterday. I drove his tractor; we went nice and slow because of my neck. It was fun! It was a beautiful day today... sunny, kind of warm and gorgeous.

After Kev unloaded the wood from the tractor bucket, we went over to one of the garbage sites on our property and started a small clean-up. Each spring, I find new bottles that are not broken, so I gathered those up. I found about 10. I'll have to explain the whole garbage thing in a separate post... it's a long story.

Then Sammy, his friend Austin (who is staying over another night), Kev and I booked on over to Mt. Pleasant to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Palominos. We had a wonderful dinner. Nice to get out. Sammy took our photo with cell phone, and it didn't turn out very well because it was too dark in the restaurant, but here we are... the old married couple...

I texted with Joycie a few times today, and she sent me this pic of her and Mike in the back of Mike's gramma's car on the way to pick up Mike's sister, Angel, from Tampa...

What a cute couple... I miss them! It's not so much that I haven't seen them in such a long time, it's more that they are so far away right now.

On the way home from Mt. Pleasant, Joycie texted me that they were heading out to the hot tub... sounds lovely. With the fresh air I had tonight and the great Mexican food, I'm heading to bed right now, and that also sounds lovely...

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