Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hello, April

Three young men, sitting in a row in those uncomfortable plastic seats at the Secretary of State's office... big shoes with big untied laces, baggy jeans, big jackets, portions of ugly looking tats visible here and there; loudish, lots of use of the word "dude"... & I overheard:

"Dude, are you serious, dude? Aw man, dude, every year I waste like half of April Fools not tricking people."

The Youth of Today just have no ambition. Back in our day, we spent all day tricking people.


Joycie sent me this pic today of them getting Mike's grandparents' boat ready to take out and go fishing...

But the boat played an April Fool's on them, and last I heard from Joycie, they were headed back in with no fishing accomplished. Something wrong with the engine, I think. I texted her that a non-fishing fishing trip in Florida with Mike is better than a snowy day here in Michigan.

We had some small, freezing windy snow for a short time today. Yesterday was all thunderstorms. The wind last night was fierce, and it knocked some branches out of the trees. One big widow maker came down from out of a big oak in our yard. Right now, it's still windy and very, very cold.

I actually had to go into town today. Town! It felt weird driving around in my car by myself. Haven't done that in a long, long time. I had to go to the Secretary of State's office, as mentioned, and renew my driver's license. I could have done it by mail had I gotten to it in time, but I really wasn't thinking about that back in March... So today, just because I went there in person, they took a new photo of me for my license. I tried to get the woman to just use the old photo, but she wouldn't. Crap. My hair looks like a homeless person's because I've missed my last 2 hair appointments, and I was wearing no makeup. Ugh.

Actually, I haven't worn makeup since January 17th. This is the longest stretch of time I've not worn makeup since I was 12 years old and in the 5th grade. Seriously. I've told Kevin that I may just start telling everyone that I'm 50 years old, quit wearing makeup and grow my hair out long so I can wear it in a pony tail or bun like an old lady. More specifically, like an old hippie lady. Doesn't that sound freeing?

I also had to go to Walgreens pharmacy to pick up 3 more of the Zyvox pills. My prescription for 28 pills which they filled last Thursday evening, my cost of which was $388.38, only had 25 pills in the bottle. I figured that out this morning with Pam, the nurse who came to get more blood out of me for tests. Since my cost of each of those pills is $13.87, that was almost $42 I paid and didn't get the pills... I called the pharmacist and, sure 'nough, my story matched his records, so I had to go pick up those 3 pills. And he apologized three times. Once for each pill, I guess.

Then I picked up Sammy from the salon where he and Kevin had went to get haircuts. Kev went on into work (afternoon shift), and then Sammy and I went and picked up his friend, Austin, who is staying overnight. We zipped through Little Caesars for a couple of Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizzas for the boys, and since there is a Subway right next door, I got a sandwich. Not thinking, though, I got Swiss cheese on it. I'm not supposed to eat cheese with those Zyvox. Which is why I got the damn sandwich, because I knew I couldn't eat any of the pizza... no cheese, and also no pepperoni with Zyvox. Oy.

I don't know what it is lately with me and the word "Oy" but I've been using it a lot lately. I think it started with the, "Oy, enough with the poodles already," which is a saying that hard core Gilmore Girls fans will recognize. I've been using that one a lot... mostly since Christmastime, I think. Not sure why. Though lately, Sammy has caught me a few times saying, "Oy, enough with the penguins already"... penguins instead of poodles. Why penguins? Oy! I have no idea.

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