Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fresh fish for dinner in Florida

I talked with Joycie this morning, and they're out on the boat fishing right now. She told me she had already caught a bunch, but kept only 3. Mike told her 2 were mango snappers and 1 grunt. Joycie said the grunts make a grunting noise when you bring them up out of the water, so I asked her to demonstrate. I seriously don't think she put her heart into it... it barely sounded like a grunt to me.

While waiting for a query to run on my work laptop, I did a Google image search for the fish, and found these. This is the Mangrove Snapper, also known as the mango snapper, grey snapper, black snapper or cabellerote, according to Wiki.


This is the grunt, also known as the White Grunt.


I found this article by Buck Davidson about fishing and grunts here. There are links to other articles about Florida sun coast fish by Buck on that link, too. Interesting stuff.

I'm sure they're catching lots of fish, and more than just snappers and grunts. Mike's talked about fishing there with his Grampa, and it sounds like they always get a lot of fish.

Joycie sent me this pic of Angel fishing on the boat... because when we were talking, I said, "Send me a pic of Angel fishing." Isn't she pretty, with her braids, big smile and fishing pole in hand?!!

Doesn't that look like fun? The cloudy sky looks a little bit like rain, maybe... and I think I'm right...

But it still looks beautiful being out on that boat with all that water and blue sky and clouds... especially if it's that hot there. And this doesn't look too bad, either...

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