Saturday, December 01, 2007

What is it - the Christmas shopping version

I've been having a lot of trouble with my neck lately, and so the past several days I find I've been going to bed very early most evenings... very early. 7:00pm. Ugh. I'm still waking up at 4:00am, but have no trouble going back to sleep. When my alarm goes off, I still don't want to get out of bed. I lay there and make an attempt at judging how bad my headache is. Then I think of everything I have to do, which really helps the headache. You should try that sometime. Seriously.

But this morning, I couldn't go back to sleep easily after 4am. When I did, I had the strangest dream. I had borrowed my friend, Sandy's, car and was driving it on an expressway. It was a cream colored VW bug with a black rag top (which is odd, because that's the car another friend has, or recently had, because I think she's driving something else now, and I just can't see Sandy ever buying a VW bug!). I decided to get off the expressway. For some reason, Sandy had my car. I found this really neat road and I followed it to the end... homes and buildings along the road ended, then it went into this beautiful wheat field and the road just curved gently to a smaller and smaller point and it ended in the middle of the field. Well, like this...

It was beautiful, so I got out of Sandy's VW bug and looked around. I got back in the VW and backed it up and parked it underneath a lone tree that was at the edge of the field; it was an apple tree. I got out again and called Sandy on my cell, and I told her how to get to the road and asked her to follow it because I wanted her to see this beautiful field. At the far end of the field, I could see this huge building, and it looked like I was looking into the windows of a cafeteria. I thought it was some kind of factory or something, and I thought it was a strange place for a business. I took a walk, waiting for Sandy. I found a beautiful meadow filled with flowers. I began to hear some commotion, but paid no attention. I called Sandy again, and she told me she was on her way. When she called me back, she was confused. There was no beautiful wheat field, it was mowed down and there was some kind of demolition derby or car race going on, and it was loud and dusty and ugly. So I ran back over to where I had parked her car, and there was a big banner that read, "Race Day." The field of wheat was all mowed, and they even cut down the apple tree. I couldn't find Sandy's VW bug. I finally discovered that some woman who was setting up the area for the race had had it towed away. I was arguing with her that she couldn't do that, because she hadn't even posted a "no parking" sign. There were a couple of woman that were working with her (it was in an office, like a county services office), and they were talking at her, agreeing with me. The woman kept being nasty to me, and I finally yelled at her, "YOU'RE A MEAN BITCH!"

And I woke up both myself and Kevin by actually yelling that out loud. Very loud. It was the strangest damn dream. If anyone wants to analyze it, feel free, just don't tell me about your analysis. K. Thx.

So... that brings me to "What is it? The Christmas shopping version!" Yay! Because you see, no way could I go back to sleep after that, I was so pissed off at that mean bitch, y'know... So I got up and made myself a pot of coffee and sat down at my computer. I made screen shots of the web site home pages of some common stores (common to my neck of the woods, anyway)... see if you can identify the store by the little bit I've given you... have fun! And don't be mean today, K. Thx.

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