Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hello, birdie

This past Wednesday morning, this fellow showed up at the feeder...

He's the first Evening Grosbeak I've seen at our place... ever. Isn't his bold, yellow unibrow beautiful? He's a handsome one. He looks like he means business, y'know... but then he's so bright yellow... like a happy clown. A happy clown who means business. Don't mess with the happy clown with the big beak.

At least I'm assuming he's a he. My trusty Audubon field guide tells me the female has the same coloring, only grayer. The many, many photos I took of him doesn't do his coloring justice. The sun was so bright that he was mostly in shadow. But his white was Very White and his yellow feathers were Very Bright Yellow. Gotta be a male, nothing grayish about him.

He stayed around until midday, and I haven't seen him since.

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