Sunday, December 23, 2007


Looming, nearing, approaching, forthcoming, imminent, inevitable, inescapable, near-at-hand, nigh... *sigh*

Anyone else not yet ready for Christmas?... *sigh*

Warning: Whining ahead.

I finally got presents wrapped today, having finally succumbed to the pressure by Joycie and Sammy. Their lamenting over the lack of presents under the tree made my guilt unbearable. I de-price-tagged and boxed, and then wrapped as quickly as possible. It felt a lot like work. Which sucked. Took about 4 hours. Usually I enjoy that part, and usually I get it done much earlier than 2 days before Christmas. And usually not all in one painful session. Here's how lazy I was at it today... I took a big, fat black permanent marker and wrote their name on the gift in great big letters, and I drew a "bow" in the corner... in lieu of those stick-on bows and a gift tag. The bows were way over in another room, and I just didn't feel like getting them, peeling the little piece of paper off the sticky part, and putting them on the gifts... and also because without those little bows, you can stack up a great big stack of gifts which can then be more easily carried upstairs to the tree. Which I hollered Sammy down to the basement to do the carrying...

Something else that sucks is that I have some gifts to buy yet. Just a few little more things. I cannot believe that I have to go shopping on Christmas Eve. I have successfully avoided doing that for years and years... but not this year.

I finally got cookie dough mixed up and in the 'frige this afternoon... just have to roll out the dough, cut out the cookies, bake the cookies, make the frosting, color the frosting and frost each cookie. We planned on making cookies this evening, but after Joycie arrived home around 7:00pm, I was like... um, how about tomorrow?... [groaning ensued]

So in addition to the shopping I have to do & making Christmas sugar cookies tomorrow, I have so much else to also get accomplished. Or... perhaps to delegate. Yes! Delegating is an excellent idea... Oh, Kevvie, Oh, Joycie, Oh, Sammy...!

This year the whole Christmas thing has definitely, positively snuck up on me. It's ambushed me. Pounced. Assaulted. Ugh... Wassail my butt. Assail!

Christmas 2007 has many redeeming qualities, but it has been the most difficult one in many a year for me. Here's my Christmas 2007 inspried haiku:
     Pine needles, holly.
     And everything last minute.
     Christmas is painful.

Hey, you were warned.

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