Saturday, February 17, 2007


I don't carry my camera around with me all the time, but every once in a while, I get in the mood and take it with me, even if I'm just driving Sammy to school then heading into work. Sometimes I see something and dearly wish I had it with me. Then, often when I do have it, I see nothing that makes me want to grab it and turn it on. One morning this week, though, I was glad I had it. So I took a photo of this brick wall.

Can you see the words? I've noticed them before, and I'm surprised they're still there on that wall. They always make me wonder... what scenario occurred...?

Dude 1: OK, whaddya wanna write?
[In my imagination, the writers of graffiti in our town obviously are young men who call each other "dude."]
Dude 2: Nothin'.

Dude 1: Dude, nice. That says it all.
Dude 2: Yeah, dude, that's everything.

Dude 1: C'mon, write somethin'.
Dude 2: K.

Basically just a couple of destructive young teenagers with not much to say. Or... are they? What if I were to tell you that the brick wall is right next to a very cool coffee house where our town's equivalent of young, hip artists hang out... coz it is. Which makes me think the graffiti-artist (yep, now the dude's an artist) is probably trying to make one stop and think by those 3 words on that wall...
Nothing... Everything... Something...

Unless, of course, you're heading in the other direction on that sidewalk, in which case, in the end, you get "nothing."

Deep, dude.

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