Sunday, November 13, 2005

Too Much of a Good Thing

Last month, we purchased a wood stove.

It's one of those big units that sits outside and is part of a new heating system for our home. We have a forced air furnace and have paid big bucks to the natural gas company. This new unit converts hot water to heat and works in conjunction with the furnace we have now. It also heats all the water for our hot water heater. It was expensive to purchase and not easy to install. Our brother-in-law, Bob, is a plumber and did all the plumbing/heating when we built our house 11 years ago. Bob, with Kev's help, got this system running for us. Just got it going a couple of days ago, and it's working great. Too great! The house was way too hot yesterday, and it still is this morning. It's about 50 degrees F. outside and super windy, so it's not terribly cold out. Balmy for this time of year. But still... mid-November and I've got a bunch of windows open because the house is too hot.

Kev has to get the thermostat for the wood stove installed yet, and then we'll be able to control the heat better. I think it's gonna be a warm winter...

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