Sunday, November 20, 2005

Things I Do Instead of Laundry

I have a lot of beads. And when I get those 40%-off-one-item coupons from Michaels, I often buy more beads. Last week I bought a package of memory wire. Making bracelets with that stuff is Fun with a capital F! Fantastic, Frivolous Fun!!!

I've been buying glass beads and memory wire so that when Joycie has her upcoming birthday party sleepover, the girls can make memory wire bracelets. Sam and I have made a few bracelets the past couple of days to have examples. And because they're FUN to make.

I made Sam model them for me this morning, which he did so very, very willingly. (Right.) He told me not to put on my blog that those were his arms, so of course, I am. Mama doesn't like to be told what to write on her blog.

Sam has a good eye and he is so creative. When he was a little boy, he used to say that when he grew up he wanted to be a truck-driving-artist. He made the red & pearl, the blue & green with gold, and the hippie (polymer clay beads) bracelets. Beading is relaxing, we sit together and bead and talk. It's FUN! (did I mention that it's FUN??)

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