Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm Hungry! Hey, Dad!

Yesterday morning I took Sam to his basketball clinic, which was from 10:00-11:20am. Kev is working midnight-12s, so he got home at 8am. Normally I would be up and already through most of a pot of coffee by the time he arrived home, but for some reason I was sound asleep. I had gotten up earlier, around 6am, and let the dog out to pee (and I joined him, well, figuratively speaking), turned the furnace fan off because our house was way the hell too hot (again), fed the dog, fed the cats, and went back to bed. Sam woke me at 9am to remind me that I have to drive him to basketball. 9am! We have to leave at about 9:20am. No shower for me, and coffee to go. Grrr....

No breakfast, either. On the way home, around 11:30am, I was so hungry that I had a headache. It may also have been due to insufficient coffee intake. Sam was talking to me, and I wasn't answering soon enough... so he got a little frustrated with me. I told him to have pity because I was hungry. (He knows from experience that when I'm hungry, I'm not very nice, usually.) So then while he's trying to talk to me, I keep saying, "I'm Hungry! Hey, Dad!". Drove him bananas. I couldn't remember what the boss says, and Sam wouldn't tell me. I have done this off and on for a couple of years, ever since we downloaded this particular game. I drive my kids nuts with it for a while, then I quit, then I'll start up again. They especially love it when I start chanting, "I'm hungry! Hey, Dad! Hot off the grill!" in public.

It's from a game I downloaded a long time ago called Chef T oss (from O maha S teaks). The Dad is grilling and people and animals pop up at picnic tables. You click on people only, and Dad tosses them various meat items from the grill. They talk. Dad says, "Hot off the grill!" and "Cooome and get it!". Mom says, "I'm hungry!". Son, "Hey, Dad!". The baby giggles and coos, and the teenage daughter just laughs. The boss says, "Yakkaty Schmakkaty". (I had to play it, couldn't remember.) I like to pop the mustard and ketchup and watch 'em squirt out with a fart sound. Real entertainment, that.

So this morning, we're having a relaxing time. Kev finally went to bed for the day, Sam was playing with his DS and I was playing with my camera & computer. Sam got up from the lazy boy and said, "I'm hungry." While making himself a bowl of oatmeal, I could hear him saying, "I'm hungry. Hey, Dad. I'm hungry. Hey, Dad." When I followed up with, "Yakkaty, schmakkaty" he groaned... "oh, noooo...."

See what kind of influence I have on my kiddos?!!! heh heh heh

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