Sunday, November 06, 2005

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Our Sam turned 11 years old this past Friday. We had his family birthday party last night.

On Friday, he took in a great big cake for a school birthday treat, and he had a great day at school. His class had a substitute teacher that day, which kinda bummed him out, but Sam knows the sub and he's nice. The kids acted up a bit, which is pretty normal for the class when a sub is there, so they almost had their special 2nd recess cancelled. It was a gorgeous day outside, so the kids really wanted the 2nd recess... the sub made a big deal about it being Sam's birthday, so he asked Sam if it was ok to go ahead and have the recess anyway due to his birthday. Oh, yeah! Too cool.

Friday evening we went to our high school's playoff football game, which the team won. Some local businesses arranged for spectacular fireworks throughout the game and a big show at the end. Awesome. Sam had a friend come home with us after the game to stay overnight, but before we went home, we all went to Damon's and Sam got put up on one of the big screens for his birthday. He LOVED that.

Sam picked out the festive decorations. He got some great gifts, including a bunch of cash. His Aunt Janet started a tradition of taking the birthday nephew or niece out for dinner and shopping, and Sam is excited about that. I think they're going Tuesday evening. He has close to $200 to spend, which is a LOT of money for us. He's been talking about his birthday shopping with Aunt Janet and saving for it since summertime.

I usually bake birthday cakes, but a couple of years ago, Sam decided he wanted a bought cake. Hey, that's A-OK by me! This year, he went with the Lions football theme. The blue frosting border must have had a healthy dose of food coloring... even getting it on your hands stained blue. Fun with blue frosting!!! Aunt Kathy got the prize.

Dad was a close second, but the photo wasn't focused... I was laughing too much. I think we all snorted blue frosting we laughed so hard! Good times.

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