Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's Cabbage Patch Dolls All Over Again

Of course, my daughter wants an iPod nano for her birthday on Saturday. And of course she only just decided this (until just recently, she wanted a guitarlin, and we were going to make a nice day of it and buy it together so she could pick it out, have a nice lunch together... *sigh*).

The iPod nano, expected to be one of the most popular Christmas gift items going this year. Where I live, that means nearly impossible to get your hands on one of 'em. Best Buy all out today, but each store is supposed to get, hold on to your hat, FORTY-FIVE OF THEM. Each store. 45. Whoo-hoo! And they should have them in time for when the store opens the day after Thanksgiving at FIVE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING*. The salesperson (a very nice young man that Joycie would call a hottie) suggested I get there early if I really wanted one by Saturday.

And it was funny, he was talking about how popular the iPod nanos are for Christmas and how getting one will not be easy, yada, yada, yada, and then he seemed so very surprised when I said it was for a birthday gift, not Christmas. What a strange reaction. Um... yes, babies really are born during normal Christmas shopping season. Then when I told him I wanted one by Saturday, I thought he would surely keel over from shock... Surprise! it's a birthday gift, not a Christmas present... Double Surprise!! I need it by Saturday! But he didn't... at that, he just laughed. One of those, ha-ha-yeah-right-that'll-happen laughs. Sorry 'bout yer luck.

*I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving once about 5 years ago and vowed, Never Again. a) I don't really like to shop all that much, b) I hate crowds, & c) I hate standing in line for a half-hour or more just to give someone money for crap that costs too much anyway.

I ended up buying Joyce a $15 iTunes card as a tangible representation of a birthday present should I fail to have an iPod nano in hand to actually wrap by Saturday.

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