Thursday, November 17, 2005

Slip Slidin' Away

OK, I love winter. Good thing I live in Michigan. Although plenty of people I know look at me like I'm some kind of freak when I say that out loud or when I'm happy about a snowfall. There is one thing I do hate about wintertime, though... icy roads. I don't mind driving in snowy, slushy roads, but I hate those icy roads. Especially now that my daughter drives on 'em. Ugh.

So what do I get for my excitement about the snow yesterday? How do I get rewarded by the universe for being the only one at work happy about the snow yesterday? Huh? What do I get? This:

That's me driving 15 mph this morning on a very, very icy road. (Safely taking a picture with my cell phone. Yeah, right.)

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