Friday, July 20, 2007

What is it... the Joycie version...

I am sitting outside the downtown coffee shop on a gorgeous Friday evening enjoying the high speed wireless 'net access (oh, you have no idea how good this feels to me!). I am alone... in the sense that no one I know is near me, but I am surrounded by people. Joycie is out for the evening with her boyfriend, and Kev & Sammy are at the Loons game. So I have borrowed Joycie's lovely, lovely laptop and here I sit... in heaven. With an iced decaf white rabbit latte by my side. *sigh* [of bliss]

So I was looking through Joycie's photos on her laptop... and there are some really great photos, so great that I'd like to share some with you...

And I thought, hey, it's a good time for another episode of What Is It? The Joycie Version. Enjoy.

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