Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pottery: Senses Pot

This post will bring me up-to-date on my pottery projects; this is the last finished item I have to share with you. I made this pot from piecing together slabs of clay, which I made by using the slab roller machine at Space Studios. I made a paper pattern first, then cut out the pieces from it. I put the holes into the pot for the copper wire using a drill tool, and I hand-formed the small beads and the 5 pendants.

I call this my "Senses Pot" and hopefully you'll understand why once you go through the photos.

I drew out ideas for the pendants one day while sitting outside near my sister, Kathy's, pool while Sammy was swimming. My nephew, Michael, helped me a bit, especially by being my model for the human elements. Yep, that's Michael's ear there, folks.

I used this wonderful glaze called Oxblood for the interior of the pot. I also on one of my critter shaker balls, and it is very different on white clay. This Senses pot I made with red clay, so the Oxblood is much deeper.

Michael saw this pot before it was finished, and he was puzzled by the word, "yes" in the bottom of the pot. My answer was that it has no meaning, except yes. Also, I totally copied that "yes" from a pot that Kathy Space made, which I loved. I like how it makes people stop and look. Yes, yes it does.

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