Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today's My Friday

This morning on the way to work, I passed 3 Chevy SUV’s that were all in a row... a Tracker, then a Blazer, then a Suburban... It made me think of Goldilocks. You know, Papa Bear, Momma Bear and Baby Bear...

Lately I have been hearing the words, “foie gras” quite a bit. It’s weird. I’ve heard it before, and I knew it was some kind of expensive, gourmet food something, but I wasn’t exactly sure what it was... until I heard about China trying to branch into the gourmet food market on yesterday’s NPR Morning Edition. It is a paste made from goose liver from a goose that has been fattened up big time by force feeding it corn in the last few weeks of its life, aka (pâté de foie gras). The whole foie gras thing is one big gross-fest to me. Not even taking into account the fact that I don’t eat organs, the force feeding thing just seems kind of mean. Also interesting: foie gras translated into English means fatty liver. Oh, yum.

My favorite use of the phrase was in an episode of the Gilmore Girls when Lorelai tells her mom that she and Rory once put foie gras on a pizza, and when her mom asked how it was, Lorelai said something like, “pretty good, once we took the foie gras off.”

I have a thing going & it’s making me behave in a very OCD manner... I’ve been noticing license plates, particularly the personalized plates, aka “vanity” plates... and when I see a vanity plate, I write it down and I also write down what kind of vehicle it was on. I cannot stop doing this. Sammy makes fun of me for it. Ack! Hmmm... This topic seems like a re-run... have I told you this before? I’m getting’ so dang old... Anyway, yesterday morning, I saw a vanity plate that read, “PANELLA” on the back of a tan woody Roadmaster stationwagon. My dream car. I want a tan woody stationwagon. The fact that both Joycie & Sammy would be embarrassed by my driving a stationwagon only makes it more desirable to me. But “PANELLA”… what the heck does that mean? I think it must be a last name or something, but a vanity plate with your surname? Odd. Or maybe they’re related to this Panella and are really proud of it. Or maybe they really, really like this bread. Either way, I want the wagon!

I discovered that vanity plates aren’t as expensive as I thought they would be, about $45 additional to your usual annual fee. Still more than I would ever spend; I wouldn’t even go the five bucks to get the “Spectacular Peninsulas” plate over the standard blue bar plate. I also discovered this fun site to check on personalized plates in Michigan. Someone in Michigan has taken BLOGGER, but these are currently still available in Michigan if you’re interested: I BLOG, BLOG IT, WHYBLOG, LV2BLOG, and so on...

Tomorrow is our Annual Homes and Gardens Tour for me & 3 of my good friends. The weather is supposed to be absolutely perfect... partly cloudy, high 74F, winds NW at 10 to 15 mph, only 10% chance of precipitation. Perfect. Can’t wait! Also, once again this year, Joycie is going to drive us gals around, so the 4 of us can get good & looped. Yay!

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