Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wide awake

It's late (for me) and I should be sleeping, but instead I'm looking up stuff in Wikipedia... like onomatopoeia, malapropism, inherently funny words, cellar door, ugh, interjection (look here for the wiktionary list... ), profanity, minced oath, ejaculation (grammar) (not biological), discourse marker, holy cow, catch phrase, snowclone, neologism, memetic phrase (... oy vey!), meme (where I read this sentence, "The idea of memes has proved a successful meme in its own right, achieving a degree of penetration into popular culture rare for a scientific theory." Cool, huh.)... and, like, you know, so on...

All the while, in my head is the song, "One thing leads to another"...

Where I work there is a very tasteful, strong looking, ominously black iron fence around the compound. (I'm not sure why I chose the word, "compound." I am also not sure the fence is made of iron.) Anyway, the place is very well guarded. Several times now, in roughly the same area, I have seen several wild turkeys together pecking away at the ground. They can obviously fly over the fence, but since the fence was installed they seem to be settled in that one area. Each time I see them, I think to myself, "take a look at the turkeys where I work." Ha!

I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done. This is early for me. I haven't got the cards out yet, but since I'm taking the easy way like I did last year... no problemo. Also, Kev and I have been wrapping as we go, so that's a load off... usually we don't, and it ends up being this huge job instead of a pleasure. Nice.

And speaking of nice, the nicest, friendliest conversations I've had lately have been with cashiers at the many stores I've visited lately. Ain't that weird.

And speaking of weird... I recently changed my blog comments so that I didn't have to review before they posted, but then some assholes left strange and also somewhat rude comments... so it's back to approval-ville.

Dear Asshole in Wisconsin, Merry Christmas. Love, Julie.

I'm testing my karma. My old LeSabre had the "check engine soon" message lit up for a while, and I did nothing. At one point, Kev noticed there were actually 2 messages of that nature lit up on the dash, but 1 went away. Then the other was gone Tuesday morning. It came back on Wednesday, but gone again today.

I thought of something really cool to give for a Christmas present... but I can't write about it because my family reads my blog (Hi, Kathy!). I am so looking forward to Christmas!

Joycie bought a new CD of Christmas music at Barnes & Noble today; it's called "Celtic Christmas" or something like that. When I got home from work, she put it in the stereo for me to listen to it. It's beautiful. But then she went upstairs to practice her violin and play her guitar, so I made Sammy get up off his bum and turn the stereo off for me so I could hear her.

On the radio this morning, the DJ was asking the question, "if money was no object, what would you get for your spouse for Christmas?" One guy called in and said he would buy his wife a Barnes & Noble store because she loves books so much. Now that would be a lovely gift.

Whether I like it not, it's off to bed with me now. Work in the morning. Dammit.

Tatty bye, sugar.

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  1. Anonymous5:38 PM

    "Dear Asshole in Wisconsin, Merry Christmas. Love, Julie."

    ^haha. That's why I love you, Aunt Julie. See ya tomorrow at the party!