Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sunny Christmas Eve

Kev is working and the kids and I haven't gotten around yet to anything constructive... our "to do" lists today are very, very long, but I'm busy teaching my children the fine art of procrastination, focusing on Chapter 5, "How to Ignore a To Do List."

It is a gorgeous sunny, warm day outside. Which totally sucks. Give me winter and snow... for Pete's Sake, it's Christmas!

Sammy and I got up super early yesterday morning and were in town by 7:30am. We did some shopping, primarily groceries. We were leaving town around noon, and the traffic was really starting to pick up then. Kev & the kids went shopping Friday and spent a lot of time stuck in traffic near the mall area. I heard it was beyond horrid. Sam & I planned it well, and our plan included two trips to Starbucks, so it was a pretty nice morning. Also, I didn't have to carry in or put away any groceries when we got home, so that's a Big Plus. I should, however, take a photo of our pantry to show y'all the creative way my children decided to put away groceries... it looks like they stood back and threw everything toward the shelves. It's like a modernistic pantry, representing the chaos of society. On second thought, no photo. It's a scene best forgotten. (Can you guess what one thing is on their to do list today, hmmm?)

Sammy made dinner for us yesterday... a recipe called "Bunkhouse Chili" that he learned in his home economics class recently. Michelle & Michael came over and watched a movie with us while Sammy cooked, and when Kev got home from work at 8pm, we all ate dinner together. Sam's chili was sooooo good! Good job, Sammy! You can make dinner every day!

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