Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dreaming in Living Color

I'm from the generation that remembers watching a black and white TV. Color TV came out in the 1950's, which was before my time... but I remember having B&W TV's, and I remember the thrill of my family getting a new, big color TV when I was a kid. I remember NBC's peacock and the "living color" drill.

Also, I remember as a teenager becoming aware of the big debate on whether people dream in B&W or color. Thinking about it now, it was probably an issue because folks for a long time only saw movies and TV shows in B&W, so hey, maybe they did dream in B&W. I know I dream in color. Living color.

When I was pregnant (4 times, though only 2 kiddos), I had the most realistic and horrific dreams of my life. Definitely in color, often featuring blood red. And that's enough about that, because I still don't like to think about those dreams... (I'm not a fan of horror movies either, and never have been... which is why I thought those "pregnancy dreams" were an ironic twist.)

Often, I won't remember my dreams. Then I'll go through a phase where I do, and usually I'm dreaming about crap at work, typical stress-related stuff. The other night I dreamed about a woman I work with, one I don't particularly like... and the feeling is mutual, no doubt about that. Not really sure why, we just don't click. Anyway, I've tried to be nice to her, but she can be a condescending snot. I dreamed that we had just been in a meeting with several other people, and while walking out of the conference room, she took something I said completely wrong, took offense at it and hauled off and slapped me in the face. It was so realistic. And so utterly unbelievable in the light of day.

Last night I dreamed that my dog, Reilly, our privileged inside dog (2 other dogs live outside), pawed at his ear like it hurt. I investigated and, with the help of my daughter, a very able assistant, proceeded to clean his ears out, pulling out some really awful stuff. Lots of it. Definitely in color. (I majorly grossed out my husband this morning telling him about this dream while on my drive into work.) Reilly handled the whole procedure with more than simple poise, but with great cooperation, almost human-like. I took a photo of the ear substance and got on the 'net for some live chat with a veterinarian, who explained in great detail what it was. I didn't know that I knew so much technical vet jargon! Don't ask me now, but in my dream, I was expertly explaining the diagnosis and suggested treatment. And whatever it was, it was very contagious, as I had to then clean out the ears of the other 2 dogs as well. But since they are simple-minded creatures (unlike the esteemed Reilly), I first had to drug them into submission. I think I used Tylenol PM. I awoke thinking, oh good, all 3 dogs are A-OK now. .... WHAT?! As the details of the dream began to come to me, in living color, it put me off my coffee for little while.

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