Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Cool Morning Air

I love this time of year. I love leaving my window open during the night and breathing in the cool (and sometimes cold) night air. I love waking up with a light cool breeze on my face and inside the covers all warm and comfy. I usually sleep with at least one leg outside the covers, and that leg will be freezing, so I pull it in under the covers, snuggle up to Kev and warm up... ahhhh.... I love listening to the night sounds and waking early, hearing the night sounds turn into morning sounds.

Slightly less pleasant this morning by the smell of skunk, but hey, that's autumn in the country. Haven't investigated if it was a run-in with either of our cats or the dogs outside. That can wait...

Been so busy lately, with school starting, Joyce in basketball, Sam in football, many extra hours at work and handling the ripening produce from Joycie's garden. Nathan built a new computer for me, and I've hardly had time to play with it! Even my digital camera has been mostly abandoned of late. Busy, busy. At least we're into cooler weather; I had gotten so sick of the heat. Doesn't seem right watching a football game in hot, muggy weather.

Got a nice little respite this morning. Kev on a day off (part of his work schedule, as he starts midnights tomorrow night), and I have an evening meeting (teleconference) with my cohort in California, so I decided to go into work late (and just work a 10 hour day today). Kev and I have gone through 2 pots of coffee together. It's a good morning.

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