Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to annoy me

Me and Zack are going downtown later.

Your welcome.

That's how its done.

Yes, the dog made it's way home.

Yous guys wanna go with?

I could care less what you think.

I don't have no more dimes.

Who was our first President? I dunno, whaz his name?... Thomas Washington or somethin'...?

What's the capitol of New Mexico? I dunno, Arizona?

We can't be out of Ranch!

Are we seriously out of ketchup?

What time is it? It's around 5:17.

Time we should leave: 6:45am.
6:47am: Mom, I need this 8-page form filled out to turn in today at school. No, it has to be in today.

DVR set up to record Every Single Episode of some damn sports talk show. No one knows how it happened.

Watch movie/show on DVR; discover that recording magically stopped & is missing last 15 minutes.

The green "power on" light on the sound machine is so bright, it lights up our bedroom, making our expensive room-darkening window blinds utterly useless against its power.

Obama bumper sticker on a Lexus. Seriously. Seriously?

Keep selling me losing Lottery tickets.

And, of course...

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