Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 16, 2008

How to make a year that's been really kinda awful turn into a wonderful year?... Learn that the young man you heartily approve of and adore has asked your daughter to marry him.

Here's our happy, happy young couple. Joyce and Mike both were positively glowing yesterday evening when they got home and told me. We had to wait until Kev got home at midnight to tell him, and he was very happy through his tiredness (he worked a 16-hour shift yesterday). It was kind of like a surreal evening.

Mike and Joycie went to the Renaissance Fair yesterday, and somehow while Joycie was in line to buy them each a turkey leg, Mike got himself over to a silversmith jewelry shop there at the fair and bought Joycie a lovely, one-of-kind ring...

It truly is a lovely ring. Mike popped the question later in the day, while they were at the park across from his Grampa's house.

The whole thing is just too sweet and wonderful for words. I'm happy for them. They will have a long engagement, because there'll be no wedding until the college degrees are completed, as is their plan (and ours, too!). So they will have at least 4 years to plan and get ready for their big wedding. It'll have to be big for all of Mike's family!

I'm so glad my daughter has found a wonderful young man worthy of her love, and who loves and adores her. They each have a good head on their shoulders, and they have fine goals for their future. I'm proud of them. And so very, very happy! And not at all surprised. I knew these 2 were planning to marry. Back when Joycie was in the hospital at Bay Med, hooked up to an IV with antibiotics in it, Joycie told me that she would be with Mike for always. I believe her. We love Mike, and he's part of our family... now it's official.

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