Tuesday, January 13, 2009

funny ha-ha and whatever

My sometimes quirky son has formed a habit of saying "off-line" instead of "on-line"... as in, if I can't find it at Dunham's, I know I can buy it off-line. Um, no you can't, you may be able to buy it on-line, but off-line won't get you anywhere.

Also.... I? I can buy it? By "I" clearly he means me, the one with the credit card. And oh, yeah, the money, the job... Wait. Correction: I have no money! OK, Sammy, go ahead and buy that off-line. Wink, wink.

I heard a corny joke on the book I'm listening to...
What'd the bra say to that hat?
You go on ahead, and I'll give these 2 a lift.

Cracked me up this morning! And thus far, that's been the highlight of my day.

Which I guess isn't really true - Sammy and I went to Espresso Milano for coffee and bagels this morning. That was nice. He's burning through his gift certificates from Christmas. The barista, who is usually there in the mornings when we go, seemed to be in a particularly unfriendly mood this morning. She's never usually super friendly, that's just not her style. And she has a very unique style. She is short, very skinny with tattoos, so an attitude is just what you'd expect. I like her; she makes The Most Excellent White Rabbits. This morning was a no-chit-chat morning. OK by me. Just gimme the coffee and I'm fine.

Which made me think of something we taught Sammy to say when he was really little, and he didn't really understand what he was saying... it was so very, very cute to hear him say, "Cut the chat, where's the hooch?" And I know that is not a saying we made up, I think it's from something to do with Prohibition, but I can't find it on a Google search. So funny-ha-ha and funny-weird.

Also funny, the tip pitcher at the coffee house this morning... there is always something funny taped to it. This morning was a picture of a monkey wearing a jacket with a hood, and the little monkey head in the too-big hood looked really funny... and they added a caption that read, "Please tip generously. My monkey needs a coat that fits!"

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