Saturday, January 05, 2008


Yesterday evening was an interesting one... and it continued on through the night. In fact, this morning is still in the throes of that very interesting zone.

Kev was at work; afternoon shift this week... 3:30pm to 11:30pm, so he gets home at midnight. Joycie, Mike (her boyfriend), Allison (her bff), Sammy & Sammy's friend, Zack had all went to the basketball games at the high school. Though, Joycie, Mike & Allison left after the girls' varsity game, and they met up with friends at a local pizza place. Sammy and Zack stayed for the boys' varsity game, then Zack's mom delivered the boys to Espresso Milano, the coffee shop where Joycie and the gang were then congregated.

Mike and Zack both had plans to stay overnight. Sammy and Zack had plans to pull an "all-nighter"... plans they have made in the past and failed to fulfill. As Sammy put it, "OK, Zack, but you always fall asleep." The gauntlet thereby being thrown down.

I had a nice, quiet evening by myself in the basement, recording DVDs and working on some pottery. Since I worked a full day at the office, I was surprised that I was able to continue, awake and alert, for so long... I stopped around 9:30pm. Those who know me well, know that lately my bedtime is closer to 7:30pm. Even more interesting... I was still awake when the kids all returned home at about 10:30pm. Granted, all I was doing was playing Hoyle card games on the computer, but still... awake.

Once they were home, there was no sleeping to be had. The 5 of them started a very lively game of Life Twists & Turns, the game with the electronic lifepod. I continued playing around on the computer, enjoying the conversations going on at the dining room table behind me. Well, most of the conversations. The frequent tidbits related to burps got less enjoyable as they progressed.

The boys had a grand plan for how to stick to their all-nighter commitment, and it involved copious amounts of Mt. Dew.

I finally caved and hit the hay just shortly before Kev got home from work around midnight.

I do not know what time the 30-year Life game ended, nor when Allison left for home, nor when the boys went downstairs to play Guitar Hero... I was in and out of sleep all night long. I do know for certain that Sammy and Zack were still up (all-nighter success! Yay!!!) and playing at my computer when I finally dragged my tired, sorry ass outta bed shortly after 9am.

The boys are not the only ones who can have a plan... I promptly told them to pick out a movie and get off my computer, because I wanted to use it.

They are now sleeping on the sofas in the living room. I took one look at his pale face, and just as I knew would happen... Zack didn't even make it half-way through the movie...

Sammy came close...

Even Reilly is soundly tuckered out this morning... when The Boy does not sleep, neither does he... he is (I cannot resist), dog-tired...

Mike is still asleep in Joycie's bedroom, and Joycie is still asleep in Sammy's bedroom. Kevin just rolled out of bed, and as quietly as possible made another pot of coffee (as I have just finished my first pot). Our house is very quiet, except for the buzzing of Sammy's phone. His phone was sitting on my computer desk, and when I sat down here, I wisely switched it to vibrate... It started buzzing at about 9:45am, and he's gotten quite a few text messages and missed calls in the past hour and a half.

I predict it is going to be a quiet day. Fingers crossed.

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