Sunday, January 22, 2006


What kind of person would want to steal a six-year-old minivan with 130,000+ miles on it, and with both rear seats removed??? Why choose that vehicle among all the thousands available in the huge parking lot?

My brother-in-law was down near Detroit today, and someone stole their old minivan. He and a friend were hauling some things, so after dealing with the cops (who made it clear they didn't give a shit at all about Bob's stolen minivan), he had to go rent a U-Haul truck to get him, his friend and their stuff back home.

My sister said of all the things she's ever worried about, someone stealing their minivan never even made the list. Why would anyone steal it? Why risk any jail time at all for that old thing? Even if you were stealing a vehicle so you could haul something, that minivan wouldn't be a very good choice. Had to be someone completely stoned out of their gourd or completely stupid. Or both.

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