Saturday, February 11, 2006

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Lots of stuff. Let's see. Got a new ISP. New one still kinda sucks. Can't get high speed or DSL out here in the country for under $100/month. Price one pays for living in paradise. Or rather, the price I'm not going to pay... old fashioned phone line works for me. And it's not too bad. Not bad enough to make it worth paying big bucks for something faster.

We've all been sick. Kev very sick with bronchitis, but getting over it now. Sam's sickness just getting started... my poor boy has had a fever all day. With meds, we're keeping it around 102 degrees, and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Had a couple of grand jury sessions, and those are all a total mood-blower. Only 6 more months of that duty and I'll be free of it. It's hard to believe I've spent a year at it already. I always said I wanted jury duty. But dangitall, I meant regular jury duty. Truthfully, though I've come to detest this particular responsibility, it has definitely been a learning experience. I didn't know much about the Federal Grand Jury process, and now I do. I didn't know much about why some crimes are Federal crimes, but now I do. I didn't know how stupid I was to go over shopping alone to a nearby larger metropolis, but now I do.

Work for both Kev and I is still relentless. Poor Kev... sick as a dog and still working overtime. Nice checks, though. Which is good since property taxes are due. And he's off for another weekend of midnight-12s now.

Update on my sister's stolen van situation. So far, old van not recovered. Their insurance turned out nicer than they had understandably pessimistically predicted, and they are now the owners of a new shiny red van. Truly, I thought they were going to get screwed on insurance, too, but so far, so good. They're still out a bundle though, what with deductible and the hassle. I'm glad it's turned out as well as it has for them, and their new van is beautiful. My beautiful sister is driving a beautiful van. So there, thief! Stick that in your pipe and choke on it.

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