Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Oh, that Wiley...

I think people who live with a Weimaraner end up taking more photos of their dog than perhaps other dog owners, or rather, most other dog owners. I thought I was always taking a kazillion photos of Reilly, our Border Collie, but I seem to be taking way more photos of Wiley. Reilly was very, very expressive in his eyes. Those eyes of his would look right into the core of you. I loved that about him. Border Collies are known to make and keep eye contact with humans longer than most other dog breeds. Reilly also used to listen to us when we talked, I mean really listen. Border Collies are super intellient (I read that in the National Geographic!). If you have ever lived with a Border Collie, you know what I mean about listening. And Reilly's eyes could almost tell me what his response was, kind of what he was thinking. I really miss those eyes.

Now, with Wiley Blu, I know he can hear me and that he is listening (sometimes), but you wouldn't always be able to tell from his actions or reactions that he is listening. He's super smart, but he is also super stubborn. After all these months of living with this dog, he will still only come to me when I call him if: 1) I have food, and 2)... well, really having food is it. Otherwise, he may or may not decide to come to me. Certainly, it's rather rare, compared to Reilly, of Wiley actually looking at me when I talk to him. He will often look towards me, but eye-to-eye contact occurs only once in a while, and then, it doesn't last long. I think that's one major reason I have found myself taking so many photos of this dog. I'm trying to get his expression, his eyes. Rarely successful.

Wiley is a hoot and a half, though, that's for sure. You never know what he's going to do next. He loves to bite and kind of chew on you when he's excited or having fun. Biting is Wiley's form of hugging. And he also loves, loves, LOVES to lick you. Especially if you're hot and sweaty... Wiley has the longest, soppiest tongue, too, so when he's done, you're all wet with dog slobber. If you throw a frisbee at him, he will just watch it fly and look back at you like you're stupid. He does love to take his toy, called his "baby" (calling his toy his baby is something he came with from his previous owners), and play tug with you. He chews through his babies pretty quickly. His "baby" currently is 2 pairs of old socks of mine all tied together, blue and purple. At least there is no stuffing like his other babies. Also, Wiley loves it when I call him "my baby," and when I do, it usually brings on biting or licking. As he is getting older, Wiley is getting a little more affectionate. But still, getting him to cuddle is almost impossible. Unless you're Kevin, and then it's nearly impossible to keep Wiley away. Wiley has decided that Kev is IT. That dog absolutely adores Kevin. Wiley loves the rest of us, too, but Kev's his No. 1. Wherever Kev is, that is usually where you will find Wiley, and Wiley is very content to just sit next to, or on top of, Kev.

If Kev is on the sofa, Wiley worms his way in. Sometimes when Kev falls asleep on the sofa, he will wake up with Wiley almost pushing him off the sofa in his attempt to get as close to Kevin as he can.

And it's a rare ballgame or TV show Kev watches without Wiley.

Another thing that sets Wiley apart from any other dog we've ever had is his pleasure in a car ride. Wiley loves to go in a car (or truck), anywhere, anytime.

Wiley is so long and lanky that he's done some pretty comical moves, but all in all, I think he is the fastest dog we've ever had. When he gets going, you had better watch out and move out of the way. He is one smart pooch.

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