Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meet Wiley Blu

I mentioned that we had gotten a Weimaraner; his name is Wiley Blu. He was born December 10, 2008, so he is still kind of a puppy... in his actions, not his size!

Wiley Blu, as his name implies, is not the more well-known light brown type; he is a Blue Weimaraner. As such, he is a gorgeous color, even if not accepted by the AKC. He is a beautiful blue-gray color, sometimes looking almost a dark bluish-brown, depends on the light, and he has beautiful yellow-gold eyes.

We do not get pets for their "breeding" or "bloodlines" anyway... we got Wiley because Joycie saw an advertisement for him, knew I had a long-time interest in Weimaraners, knew we did not want a little puppy (and Wiley was just past his 1st birthday when we got him) and so we went to see him. And that was that. He's a beautiful, big dog with a big, beautiful heart.

I had trouble at first in fully accepting him, comparing poor Wiley constantly to our Reilly. Any dog compared to Reilly will come up short. Forever.

But Wiley won us all over in short time. He was raised by a young couple who had a 2-year-old daughter and a baby on the way. They were living in a smaller home, which they had purchased, fixed up and hoped to flip, but then the economy went to H.I.A.H.B., so... stuck in a small home with a toddler and a newborn on the horizon, I can see how Wiley was Just Too Much. He is a huge dog. Where he lived, they allowed him access to all the furniture. This caused some initial problems at his new home, since furniture was off-limits in Kevin's book. But Wiley, unlike Reilly who was long-haired, has short hair and seems to never shed. And just try keeping a dog off the sofa and chairs and beds when he feels fully justified in being as comfortable as he wants on them!

We're still trying to train him into country life, since he was used to city life with a fenced yard. We're also still trying to Wiley-proof the house. He can reach just about anything on the kitchen countertops, and we've lost many a full loaf of bread to his reach. He is also the most awful beggar for food... he loves people food, so if you're eating, he's right there.

So... meet Wiley Blu... who loves to ride in cars...

He likes to ride in Joycie's Impala with his head out the open moonroof, where his big ears can flap in the wind and his jowls fill with air... quite a sight!

Wiley didn't seem to have much trouble adjusting to a new home. He was curious, and he was very playful. He loves wrestling with Sammy, Mike, and sometimes Kevin.

The stairs confused him at first, I think they were the first stairs he encountered. It took him a while to get the hang of them, with his long legs trying to handle each step. Now he bounds up and down them like he's flying. He also enjoys sitting on the steps, about mid-way up so he has a view of the house and the outside through many windows...

What is really funny about this long, lanky dog is how he can curl himself up into a ball when he sleeps... he is so cute...

And it's a good thing he's cute and won us over... coz here's what he did to the back of part of our sectional in the livingroom when playing tag with Blossom, the cat, proving her hiding under the furniture does not present Wiley with any true obstacle....

But how can you stay mad for long at this sweetheart...


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  3. Hey .. 1st of all, Congratulations for having such a gorgeous new member in ur family ! why dont u upload pics of blossom and Blu playing ?? BTW what made u name him Wiley ?

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  5. Hi! Found your blog and love the picture of your new Weimaraner! My husband grew up with a Weimaraner named Geist. I laughed at the picture of your dog in the blue lazy boy. Geist had his own lazy boy in my in-laws bedroom!!

  6. Oh, but he is precious, especially in that top photo. He looks to be all sweetness and innocence with a hell of a lot of energy and clumsiness thrown in. I am so glad he has a good home, as I am sure he does from the way you write about him.