Monday, May 18, 2009

Down home in Michigan

Joycie and Mike made Mexican food Saturday evening and had friends over. Allison's sweetheart, Christopher, is visiting her from Italy, where he's stationed in the Navy. I've been getting to know him through his VLog, and it was super nice to meet him in person. What I liked most about Christopher was how happy Allison looked. Their story is very romantic.

Kara has returned from India, where she spent her last semester. And got her nose pierced...

I love it. When you have an experience like that, you should come home changed. Internally and externally. The little diamond looks perfect on her.

Kev and I left the youngins on their own for dinner, and we went out... for Mexican food in Mt. Pleasant. Silly us. Joyce & Mike's was better (we had it Sunday). When we got home, they were all set up out at a campfire by the pond.

It was a pretty cold evening and kind of windy, so not the best evening for a campfire. Your front gets warm, but your back freezes, and the smoke goes all around.

But I managed to get a happy photo of Christopher and Allison:

And of Mike and Joycie:

Joycie, Allison and Kara have been friends since they were little kids in elementary school. So many years, so many changes...


  1. Thank you so much for having us over. It was a really great time. Christopher loved your property and getting to meet you all. Thanks for being so welcome. Love the blog by the way.

  2. It was great meeting Christopher! I'm happy for the 2 of you. Too bad the evening was so cold. Hope you both had a good time in Chicago before he had to go back to Italy.