Sunday, May 01, 2005

Ahhh... That's Better

I'm nearly through a pot of coffee. Whew. Brain is somewhat more awake now. Husband left for work at 6:45 am. I awoke at just before 8:30 am*. Kids still sleeping. Made a pot of coffee, and sat down to log on and catch up on my blog reading.

Ran my tongue along my gum of my freshly brushed teeth, and thought, hey, I don't feel any stitches. No, no stitches. My gum is so smooth. Can I feel the incision? Hurts a little. Oh no, did I swallow all my stitches in the night while I slept? Yuk. It's been 4 days, no wait, 5 days, is that ok? Will I need to still go see the endodontist on Tuesday? Since my stitches are out already. (Coz I'd really like to do that hair cut appointment instead.) My heck, did I really swallow those stitches? That's kind of gross. They're not the dissolving kind. Will they pass on through or will they remain inside for years, like that show on the Discovery channel?

All the above in a matter of seconds. And then I put my tongue on the outside of my gum, next to my cheek... there they are! There are the stitches. Jeez-o-peets, what an idiot.

The older I get, the longer it takes for my brain to wake up in the morning. Y'all think that's just a cliche, but it's not. Same with the joints. (As in bones. Duh.) I remember in my 20's, not exactly jumping out of bed in the mornings, but getting out with quick ease and brain already whirring about the day's planned events (I've always been big on mental to do lists). Then in my 30's, I'd awake and lay there and review the lists in my head, take a moment to really wake and then get up. I'm not the type to go first to a sitting position on the bed and then wait a moment, then stand, which is what Kev has always done (knee injuries & surgeries). I go from prone to standing. Zip. Or rather, I used to. Now, in my 40's, I take a little longer, and I totally skip the list bit until I've had coffee.

Which is a smart thing to do, since apparently, my brain is the very last part of me to actually wake up. Swallowed my stitches. Goof ball.

*8:30 am is too much "sleeping in" for me. Remember when sleeping in meant get up at noon. Ha. No matter what time I go to bed, if I'm not up and about at the usual 5:30 or 6:00 am, especially if it's any time after 8:00 am, it's like my brain is fuzzy, and the later... the fuzzier. Very good thing I'm a morning person. Early morning.

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